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PennCovers LLC is proud to support the recycling effort of automatic pool covers. For the past several years our national distributor, Coverstar Central, has participated in a unique recycling program that serves to help needy people in Liberia.

Rather than filling our landfills with deteriorated pool covers, they are collected and sent to Revive Liberia Missions, Inc. a wholly volunteer, group committed to improving the physical and spiritual lives of the people who live in post-war Liberia. Revive Liberia Missions is committed to helping the Liberian’s help themselves by providing seed money and technical expertise.

Used swimming pool covers make great roofs. Used under traditional thatching, they will last indefinitely, help to seal their homes and schools, and provide more hospitable living environments. Future plans include a micro-factory to cut them up and sell as truck covers to raise funds for workers and further import.

Click here to learn more about replacing your pool cover this spring

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