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Galvanic corrosion attacks the metal parts of a pool and pool cover mechanism, especially the softer metals such as aluminum first. Using harder metals like stainless steel, or protecting the metal with powder coating and anodizing help as well as using more advanced grades of aluminum.

A salt water pool is like a giant low voltage battery that slowly eats away at all metal. To reduce galvanic corrosion, use a PennCovers Eclipse cover system (more galvanic corrosion fighting elements than any other pool cover system) and take a look at using other methods to reduce the galvanic corrosion in your whole pool system by introducing items such as a “sacrificial anode”.

A sacrificial anode, or sacrificial rod, is a metallic anode used in cathodic protection where it is intended to be dissolved to protect other metallic components. The more active metal is more easily oxidized than the protected metal and corrodes first (hence the term “sacrificial”); it generally must oxidize nearly completely before the less active metal (aluminum, raw steel, etc.) will corrode, thus acting as a barrier against corrosion for the protected metal.

It is important to note in an area that has heavy ground salt or in a salt water pool, galvanic corrosion may also go after the re-bar used in the construction of the pool walls themselves, so the use of a sacrificial anode may save more than just the metal parts you can see. There are products on the market you can use, we have not tested any nor do we endorse any, but the use of Zinc bar is widely used throughout the world as a sacrificial anode. Many place them in their skimmers, but to get the best results the ZINC bar must be grounded and then introduced into the water, attached to metal parts.

Ask a PennCovers customer experience member about galvanic corrosion and what can be added into your pool water return or other solutions. Or follow these links below for more information.

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