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We frequently get asked “Is it recommended to use an automatic pool cover as a winter cover?” Fully acknowledging there are various factors in your winter care decision making, we do not believe there is only one way to approach this. Therefore we have compiled Winter Use and Care Guidelines, with help from our field technicians, for you to consider while determining what is best for you.

An automatic cover should only be used as a winter cover if it has the proper slack. Proper slack is determined by where the cover touches the water. When the water level is lowered, the cover should normally touch the water no more than 12” from the edge of the pool.

  • If there is adequate slack in the cover and the water level is properly maintained, there is a reduced risk of problems occurring. The actual slack requirements may vary depending on local conditions.

This is especially pertinent during the winter as the water in the pool supports the ice and snowmelt build-ups.

  • Water level, during winterization, must never be lowered more than 5” from normal operating levels which is the minimum level to be maintained whenever the auto cover is closed over the pool

  • If the pool loses water because of a leak, due to holes in the cover, or for any other reason, this could cause the guides to pull down, possibly damaging the material to which it is attached as well as the cover fabric itself.

The cover pump must be on the cover at all times to remove water that collects on top.

  • In the event of freezing, the pump and discharge hose will need to be monitored. Attempting to break and remove snow or ice from the cover can cause damage to both the cover and the guides.

  • Leaves and debris should be removed as they accumulate on the cover because they cause excess weight and can stain the cover.

  • If the leading edge bar is lowered for the winter to assist in keeping out leaves and debris, make sure it is reset to the proper height in the spring to operate without damage.

NEVER attempt to operate the cover if the pool water is low or if water, snow or ice has accumulated on it. Contact your trained PennCovers technician for assistance.

The auto cover is not warranted against damage due to winter conditions, just as warranties do not cover damage due to such things as mudslides, earthquakes, falling trees, animals or other acts. Please refer to the warranty if you have any questions.

Another consideration has to do with the longevity of the cover. The cover will NOT last as long when used as a winter cover due to exposure. If it is not used as a winter cover, it should be cleaned and rolled up during the wintertime.

We recommend your system be maintained and cleaned annually

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