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2023 Product Offerings

PennCovers is an Authorized Coverstar Dealer


The Coverstar Collection

All of the pool cover systems are constructed with our industry-leading features including Ultragard III fabric, patented heat-sealed webbing and superior mechanics. We offer four pool cover models with various options, mechanisms and offset systems to allow you to build a customized cover to fit your pool.


CS3000 Mechanism Model.png

The CS3000 mechanism is engineered with heavy-duty marine-grade anodized aluminum components. The ropes and pulleys on this pool cover model are stronger than the competition.

The Eclipse automatic pool cover model includes the only fully stainless steel mechanism on the market. The Eclipse pool cover is twice the size and strength of the competition and constructed with the strongest drive train and large pulleys for longer rope life.

Eclipse Mechanism Model.png




The Coverstar Atom features a low-offset system and packs a powerful motor in a compact design. The Atom packs the same reliable pool cover motor in a low, 24” offset and has enough power to handle a full-size safety cover as big as 20’ x 50’.


CS3000-HD Mechanism Model.png

The CS300 HD is one of the most compact autocover mechanisms on the market. When tight spaces are a concern for a small pool or spa, it’s the best choice.

Mesh & Solid Winter Safety Covers

Specializing in Replacement Safety Covers

Mesh & Solid Winter Safety Covers are the strongest, most reliable way to prevent loved ones from getting into your pool unattended. Custom-built to fit your pool and made from best-in-class materials, Winter Safety Covers protect both your family and your backyard investment. While Winter Safety Covers add an additional layer of protection around your swimming pool, they are not a substitute for proper pool safety or adult supervision.


Mesh safety covers are reliable, safe and highly durable. Mesh Safety Covers are constructed with interlocked and double overlapped seams to improve weight transfer from the cover materials to the seams and webbing.
Mesh Safety Covers for winter are ideal to protect your pool during colder months. They allow precipitation to pass through easily, which reduces the need for a cover pump, and allows water to drain into the pool during the winter.


Solid Winter Covers are composed of solid sheets of material, typically reinforced vinyl, to protect your pool and your loved ones.

NON-REPAIRABLE ITEMS: Anything that compromises the integrity of the cover meeting ASTM Standards. All non-repairable covers will be quoted for replacement.

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