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PennCovers Policies

Labor Warranties

Service labor is guaranteed for 30 days.

Replacement Cover installation labor is guaranteed for 90 days.

Complete System installation poolside labor is guaranteed for 1 year.


Find the answers to common automatic

pool cover questions below.

  • Is an Automatic pool cover a Safety cover?
    Yes, our automatic pool covers exceed the ASTM standard for a safety cover. Unlike manual covers, automatic pool covers can be closed in a matter of seconds so your pool can be covered whenever it is not in use. A PennCovers automatic pool cover seals your pool to prevent unwanted use.
  • Can an Automatic pool cover be used as a Winter cover?
    Yes, read more about it here.
  • What brands of automatic pool covers do we service?
    PennCovers offers installation, service and repairs on All brand of automatic pool cover systems.
  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for service?
    There are a few things that we request to have prepared prior to the technicians arrival to prevent any unnecessary labor, additional charges or delays. All stone, brick, concrete lids over the cover vault box must be removed, if aluminum lid is not present or Release has been given to PennCovers prior to service call Gates are unlocked and all pets are securely kept away Garden hose spigots are accessible and operational Pool water must be raised to the middle of the skimmer opening (operating level) If our technician is unable to perform the requested repairs due to lack of preparation for scheduled service, including but not limited to locked gates, no electricity or no release of masonry lid removal, you may be responsible for our minimum service call fee on the unproductive trip and the return trip. ​ For the day of service, if the customer is not able to be present our technician can still provide service as long as there's access/permission to access the property to reach the pool cover.
  • What is the popping noise I hear when I open and close the cover?
    Sometimes the ropes will make this popping noise when they pass through the different pulleys and onto the rope reel. This is normal and not an indication of trouble.
  • My automatic pool cover fabric looks a little loose/slack. Is this normal?
    Yes. This is standard. Automatic pool covers are installed with some extra fabric material, making them appear slightly loose on the pool. This is to help the fabric withstand any weight added to the surface of the cover. If the cover was pulled completely taut, it would not be able to withstand the weight necessary to properly protect your pool.
  • Does the cover pump need to stay on all the time?
    Yes. It is recommended that you keep the cover pump on your automatic pool cover whenever it is closed. Keeping excess water off the top of the cover before retracting will prevent water from entering the cover box.
  • Is service available on weekends?
    Emergency service is available on weekends April - October. There is an additional fee for emergency service in addition to the normal rate for service. All requests must be received by Sat 2pm EST.
  • My cover fabric has a small rip-do you offer patches?
    Yes. Patches are available if the rip is less than 4”.
  • What cover colors are best for wear and tear?
    The darker colors show more dirt but trap in more heat. Lighter ones show less dirt and trap less heat. We don’t recommend one color over another.
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