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Overview of Services

Annual Maintenance is required on your automatic pool cover system to uphold the warranty. We offer a variety of services including New Extended Service Plans.

Automatic Cover Replacement


Your Automatic Pool Cover has a 7-year useful life. We are here to preserve your investment.

Basic & Comprehensive System Maintenance

Exceptional Achievement

  1. Full System Inspection

  2. Removal of accumulated debris from cover box

  3. Lubrication of all pulleys, fitting and adjustment of the clutch

  4. Tightening of bolts, nuts and screws to standard

Non-operational Cover Service

Our experienced technicians are prepared to fix a variety of cover problems including:

  1. Cover will not open or close

  2. Cover is opening / closing on an angle

  3. Motor is making unusual noise

  4. Cover has a hole or tear that is less than 4.5"

  5. System Evaluations

Premium Cover Cleaning + UV Treatment

Extend Useful Life

  1. Service will make your automatic pool cover fabric look new again

  2. Extends the useful life of the cover fabric by blocking the suns harmful UV rays

  3. Cover Cleaning and UV Treatment are recommended annually 

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