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Do I require a perimeter fence with an Automatic Pool Cover? In Pennsylvania you Do Not

As temperatures begin to rise in Pennsylvania, pool owners are looking for ways to save time and money while also ensuring their family and friends stay safe. The International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) has identified automatic pool covers as an effective solution to achieve these goals.

Automatic Pool Covers are becoming increasingly popular in Pennsylvania, due to the convenience and safety benefits they provide. These covers are a combination of fabric and rigid components that are designed to be used in conjunction with an automated motor. When the motor is engaged, the fabric and rigid components move in unison to cover the pool. This provides an effective horizontal barrier between the water and any person or object that may encounter it.

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Chapter 3: General Compliance, Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2018 applies to ALL residential and commercial swimming pools and spas in the state. It also provides guidance for complying with the ISPSC Standards and Codes. This chapter also outlines the requirements for pool fencing, water recirculation systems, and water treatment systems, along with other safety requirements.

What does that mean? Simply if you have an Automatic Pool Cover you do not require a perimeter fence around your pool area. Even if your township pool application hasn't been updated since the PA UCC has been in effect, you still have rights.

Having an automatic pool cover is also an excellent way to promote water conservation and sustainability. An automatic pool cover helps keep the pool clean, reducing the amount of water that needs to be replaced and conserving resources. It also prevents water evaporation, which can be an issue in hot climates. The cover also helps prevent the growth of algae and other organisms, reducing the need for chemicals and reducing the impact on the environment.

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